SHRAPIT YOGA or SHRAPIT DOSHA is inauspicious yoga in Natal chart (Horoscope).

This Yoga is always created by RAHU (dragon's head) with SANI (Saturn) or KETU (dragon's tail) With SANI (Saturn) planets. The word SHRAPIT literally means somebody who is cursed.


Description Of ''SHRAPIT YOGA or SHRAPIT DOSHA'' :

When Saturn and RAHU or Saturn and KETU situated in one house (conjunction of 0° to 30°) the natal chart (horoscope). It's called ''SHRAPIT YOGA or SHRAPIT DOSHA''.


Result of ''SHRAPIT YOGA or DOSHA'':

It is very bad effective Yoga or Dosha in natal chart. Generally in practice it is found that when persons is having above Dosha he always be very struggled in his life i.e. money crisis, obstacles in his future progress, undetected problems in his life, person is mentally short tempered, miss behave with others, unwanted quarrels happening in his family and others also, he is also stubborn.


If ‘‘SHRAPIT YOGA or SHRAPIT DOSHA''  is present in horoscope, some of the results that are detected:

Chances of divorce cases will increase.
If anyone having above Dosha it has found that, there is a chance of becoming widow or widower.
Children become irritated and strolling here and there.
Create problems in pregnancy and chances of miscarriages.
Frequent quarrels among family members without any specific reason also.
Obstructions in education and career growth


Remedies of  ''SHRAPIT YOGA or SHRAPIT DOSHA'' :

As per astrology the following remedies will be done to overcome from the hardness of ‘‘SHRAPIT YOGA or SHRAPIT DOSHA''.

1) Do Shanti Vidhi Yagna by scholar/expert Vedic Bramhin astrologer with ancient classical Vedic method as per ancient sage.


2) Do chanting mantras of RAHU and SANI or KETU and SANI.

(Note: By chanting this mantra some better relief will get, but it's not possible totally control the ''SHRAPIT YOGA or SHRAPIT DOSHA''.


(i) Vedic Mantra:

Rahu Mantra:

Sani Mantra:

Ketu Mantra:


(ii) Puranik Mantra:

Rahu Mantra:

Sani Mantra:

Ketu Mantra:


(iii) Nam mantra:

Rahu Mantra:

Sani Mantra:

Ketu Mantra:



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The Shrapit Yoga is also called as Shrapit dosha, it is means an astrological bad luck brought about by a curse by someone during the past lives. This is reflected in the horoscope of a person with the coming together of Saturn and Rahu in a single house. Also it is believed that Saturn's aspect on Rahu can also cause this dosha reslting from the past bad actions of an individual. The biggest downside to Shrapit dosha is that it can nullify the positive effects of good and favorable yogas too.