Palmistry is a part of ancient Vedic astrology and it is integral part of astrology. Palmistry is astrological part of ‘‘Samudrik Shastra’’. Lord or Sage ‘‘Samudra’’ is the founder of ‘‘Samudrik Shastra’’. Therefore it is considered as ‘‘Samudrik Shastra’’ (human physiology) it was commonly used in very ancient period. It is also scientific and to predict the proper life history and fortune of individuals.  Palmistry is the predictive art of human nature, character, luck, wealth, health, education, progress, job & service, business, wife, husband, children, good and bad periods, marriage life, accidents, serious illness, friendship, partnership, addiction of drugs, intelligence,  love and affairs, chances of obstacles in life, enmity, up and down period, mental piece, depression and tension,  and all about human being.


               It is also known as Hastarekha, Palmistry or palm reading. An European scholar Chero namely William John Warner, known as Cheiro, (November 1, 1866 - October 8, 1936) comes to India and he was amused in palmistry and egger to know about this art and learned Indian ancient Hastarekha shatra (palmistry) from Indian knowledgeable expert and written many book in palmistry (Cheiro palmistry) and are very famous now a days, Cheiro's Language of the Hand (first published in 1894), Cheiro's Guide to the Hand, You and Your Hand, Cheiro's Palmistry for All, The Cheiro Book of Fate and Fortune.


          Importance of palmistry when twine child is born then palmistry can exactly be predicted the future, but their horoscope have some difficulty in prediction, because no palm would match with any two persons but horoscope may be same of both child.  However, an expert astrologer can find out the difference and predict properly.


                  However, as per palmistry nobody can predict the exact time of event in life period and can predict only approximate time of event in the life period. There are some chances of difference in prediction of events time it is the negative point of palmistry, but prediction of horoscope, we can find out the exact time and exact period of events in life.


         Palmistry is also one`s horoscope and it does not lose from humans palm in his life period. Some changes will happen according to variation of luck and objects. Also written in ancient palmistry book (Hasta Sanjivani):


अक्षया जन्मपत्रीयं ब्रम्हणा निर्मिता स्वयम्।

ग्रहा रेखाप्रदा यस्यां यावज्जीवं व्यवस्थितं॥

नास्ति हस्तात्परं ज्ञानं त्रैलोक्ये सचराचरे।

यद्ब्राह्मं पुस्तकं हस्ते धृतबोधयजन्मिनाम्॥

-हस्त संजीवनी


          The palmistry has no possibility of defect as it created by lord Bramha and there will be no chances of mistake. It does not required any mathematical calculation, here only do prediction by studying palm and situation of different lines. Palm is always with everyone so there is no need to find out and only to predict an expert of palmistry from your palm. It is a language that unreadable by a common person, but it is readable by a palmist. As per recorded evidence in Ramayana, Sage Narada had seen the palm of daughter of Himalaya (King of Mountain) and Maina, named Girija (Parvati). Sage Narada predicted that she will be get married with lord of god (Lord Mahadev) and will be recluse, who would keep Jata (long matted hair), Who would kill Kam Deva (Lord of Sex) who worn Disaster Costumes but do Welfare of his Devotees.


          All people in the world are in curiosity to know about their luck and about their coming good and bad period of life, therefore the importance of palmistry at present is increasing day by day. So that an expert of palmistry can find out from the palm of anybody and give guidance. Those who practice Hastarekha or palm`s language or chiromancy are generally called palmists, palm readers, hand readers, hand analysts, or chirologists. A perfect palmist often combine traditional predictive techniques with Physiology, Horology, Astrology as well as alternative methods of divination.

According to authentic palmistry, the left hand is study and analyze for ladies and the right hand for gents. In palmistry, there are eight kind of palms were defined.


Eight type of hands:

Elementary Hands (Prarambhik Hath)
Square Hand (Vargakar Hath)
Spatulate Hand (Spoon Shaped Hand) (Chamsakar Hath)
Pointed Hand (Kalatmaka Hath)
Philosophic Hand (Darshnik Hath)
Psychic Hand (Aadarsh Hath)
Conic Hand (Konik Hath)
Mixed Hand (Mishrit Hath)

In palmistry, six types of fingers were defined.

Six type of fingers:

Pointed Finger (Nokdar Anguli)
Conic Finger (Konik Anguli)
Squire Finger (Samkon Anguli)
Spatulate Finger (Chamsakar Anguli)
Knotted Joined Finger (Gathandar Anguli)
Smooth Joined Finger (Gathan Rahit Anguli)


In palmistry, major three types of hand lines were defined.

Three major type of hands line:


Main line
Minor line
Micro line


In palmistry, seven type of Main line in hand were defined.

Seven of type of main line in hands:

1) life (Lifemanship) line (ayusya rekha)
2) Brain line (mastic rekha)
3) Hart line (hruday rekha)
4) Luck or fortune line (bhagya rekha)
5) Marriage line (lagan/ vivah rekha)
6) Health line (swasthya rekha)
7) Wrist line (manibandh rekha)


In palmistry, 22 type of Minor line in hand were defined.

Twenty-two type of minor line in palm:

  1. Mars Line (Mangal Rekha)
  2. Venus Line (Sukra Rekha)
  3. Saturn Line (Sani Rekha)
  4. Influence Line (Prabhav Rekha)
  5. Tension (Chinta Rekha)
  6. Enmity Line (Shatru Rekha)
  7. Sun Line (Surya Rekha)
  8. Education Line (Vidya Rekha)
  9. Fame Line (Yash Rekha)
  10. Jupiter Ring (Guru Valay)
  11. Saturn Ring (Shani Valay)
  12. Venus Ring (Shukra Valay)
  13. Mercury Ring (Bhudh Valay)
  14. Business Line (Vyavasay Rekha)
  15. Moon Ring (Chandra Valay)
  16. Mercury Line (Budha Rekha)
  17. Accident Line (Durghatna Rekha)
  18. Upward Line (Urdwa Rekha)
  19. Fish Line (Matsya Rekha)
  20. Thumb Base Barley Line (Angusthamuliya Yavamala Rekha)
  21. Intuition Line (Antargyan Rekha)
  22. Journey Line (Yatra Rekha)


In palmistry, 5 type of Micro line in finger were defined.

Five type of micro line in fingers:


  1. Wheel Line (Chakra Rekha)
  2. Half Wheel Line (Ardha Chakra Rekha)
  3. Conch Line (Sankh Rekha)
  4. Chip Line (Chhip Rekha)
  5. Mixed Line (Mishra Rekha)

In addition to above, there are many other secondary lines. According to Hasta Rekha Shatra or palmistry, all lines, suppose minor or major or micro, thin or thick, clear and unclear, blackish and radish, whitish and yellowish, broken and unbroken, half and completed, bend and straight, with branches and without branches. If fortune or luck lines have good Symptoms and its color is reddish then it is very lucky and auspicious for the man, but if its color is blackish then the fortune is bad, inauspicious, or unlucky.


It is always note that the clear lines, radish, unbroken, completed, straight, without branches, supported line, deep line are represent auspicious, fruit full, progressive, successive, whereas, the unclear lines stand for the possibility worse events in life period.


In addition to lines, there are so many symbols in palm. It is also have very importance in prediction of palmistry. Some time if the line is auspicious and the symbol are bad then negative result and negative affect will create and obtained. Some time if the line is inauspicious and the symbol are good then positive result and positive affect will get and obtained.


Nobody’s symptoms are matching each other some differences will happen.  But according to palmistry and scientifically never matching different person`s palm and its lines. In this base, a famous palmist from Paries city challenged if anybody show and prove same palm of different persons then he would give his entire wealth and properties to them. From this, we can understand that no tow palm will be same. In addition, it is proved by the palmistry, that neither tow palm nor fingerprint will be same, that is why in any confidential evidence fingerprint is must and necessary. In IT field also adopted the fingerprint for their security/ confidential purpose and developed many software and provide fingerprint scanning for entry and exit from any big organization and it is widely popular. Like laptop, locker, attendance of labors, employees etc. so that ancient sages were said that-

‘‘नास्ति हस्तात् परं ज्ञानं त्रैलोक्ये सचराचरे।’’ (In the world no knowledge is equal to palmistry for prediction in Triloka or Three world), because our honorable sage and son of Lord Brahma found it, i.e. sage SAMUDRA.

Sage tulsidasha said that-

तुलसी रेखा कर्मकी, मिट सके न राम।

मिटे तो अचरज नहि, समुजि कियो है काम।।

Above means that no body can change the direction of fortune line from a palm. If it will change naturally (by Virtuous) then not to surprise about it, so you should do punya karma (Virtuous things) not papa karma (Sin).


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‘‘नास्ति हस्तात् परं ज्ञानं त्रैलोक्ये सचराचरे।’’

(In the world no knowledge is equal to palmistry for prediction in Triloka or Three world), because our honorable sage and son of Lord Brahma found it, i.e. sage SAMUDRA.