When "KEMADRUM YOGA" comes in the horoscope /natal chart, it is very inauspicious.

          This Yoga generated by the moon (CHANDRA) planet. It called CHANDRA YOGA (moon yoga) also. It is a part of Daridya yoga, but it is very highly effective and powerful yoga among all Daridya Yoga formatted in horoscope.

Ref. Jatak Parijat 7.82 (Page-231) :-

" योगे केमदुमे प्राप्ते यस्मिन‍‌न् कश्मिम्श्च जायते

राजयोगा विनस्यन्ति हरिं दृष्ट्वा यथा द्विपाः "



If KAMDRUMA YOGA is formatted in any person’s horoscope even though born in a royal family he become beggar or poor. Other planet`s positive power will not be effective, like elephants are run away while seeing lion.


Definition and condition of "KEMADRUM YOGA" :

According to Vedic Astrology, When no other planet  situated in 2nd and 12th house from moon in the horoscope, except  SUN, RAHU and KETU (Those planet are not counting in KEMADRUM YOGA). then it generate KEMDRUM YOGA in Horoscope/natal chart.

'KEMADRUM YOGA" is very Strongest yoga, therefore, it destroyed the RAJAYOGA in the horoscope/natal chart.


Result of Kemdrum Yoga:

When found the KEMDRUM YOGA in any Horoscope , then he/she mostly become defective body and health problems and diseases. these person have no enough willpower, unable to take proper decision, delay in taking decision and wavering minds, the chances of become beggar, his position will not be stable and proper, those are mostly selfish in nature, their concentration and spiritual power will not be stable, chances of attracting awkward ladies/men, they will mostly facing problems in life, keep their nails long and dirty and habit of wearing dirty cloths.


Remedies/ Pooja/ Upaya/ solutions  of 


As per astrology the following remedies will be done to overcome the hardness of  ''Kemdrum Yoga''.

1) Do Shanti Vidhi Yagna by scholar/expert Vedic Bramhin astrologer with ancient classical Vedic method as per ancient Sage.

2) Do chanting mantras of CHANDRA.

( Note: By chanting this mantra some better relief will get, but it's not possible totally control the KEMADRUM YOGA Dosha )



(i)Vedic mantra :

(ii) Puranic mantra:

(iii) Nam mantra:


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