In fact, Kaalsarp is considered as dosha i.e. bad combination than a yoga (good combination) in one's birth chart. Kaalsarp yog or Kaalsarp dosh is constituted when all planets are between Rahu and Ketu in one's kundli or birth chart. Kaal in Hindi means death whereas Sarpa means serpant or snake.



''KALSHARPA YOGA''  is very inauspicious yoga in Natal chart (Horoscope).

This Yoga is always created by RAHU (dragon's head) and KETU (dragon's tail) planets.

Description and condition of ''KALSHARPA YOGA'':

When all planets are situated in one side of Rahu and Ketu (0° - 180°) in natal chart (horoscope). It's called ''KALSHARPA YOGA''.

रहोकेत्वोरन्तराले ग्रहः सर्वे नभस्थितः।

कालसर्पाख्ययोगोयं सर्वसौख्यविनाशकः।।

Total planets are situated between RAHU and KETU ; then it's called ''KALSHARSHA YOGA''  or  ''PAPAKARTARI YOGA'' (inauspicious scissors). No  planets will give you good or positive result, all happiness will be converted in to sorrow, hard work will not be fruitful and  also get obstacles and disturbance in life.

Result of ''KALSHARPA YOGA'':

It is very bad effective yoga in natal chart. Generally in practice it is found that when a  person is having ''KALSHARPA YOGA''. He always  be very struggled in his life i.e. money crisis, obstacles in his future progress, undetected problems in his life, person is mentally short tempered, miss behave with others, unwanted quarrels happening in his family and others also, he is also a stubborn. he will come down in business with loss and burden with debt. He will become jobless and depressive.


When ''KALSHARPA YOGA'' present in horoscope, some of the results that are detected below:

Happening loss in business and become debt.
Have to face very Struggle in life.
Chances of Rich man become very Poor (even bagger).
Chances of divorce cases will be increased.
Educational progress will break and disturb.
Create problems in pregnancy.
Repeated Frequent quarrels among family members without any reason.
Obstructions in career growth.
fate is become dull.


Remedies/ Pooja/ Upaya/ solutions  of 


As per astrology the following remedies will be done to overcome from the hardness of  ''KALSHARPA YOGA''.

1) Do Shanti Vidhi Yagna by our authentic scholar/expert Vedic Bramhin Astrologer with ancient Vedic method as per belief of ancient sages.

2) Do chanting mantras of RAHU and KETU.

(Note: By chanting this mantra some better relief will get, but it's not possible totally control the KALSHARPA YOGA / Dosha)


(i)Vedic mantra:

RAHU mantra:

KETU mantra:

(ii) Puranik mantra:

RAHU mantra:

KETU mantra:

(iii) Nam mantra:

RAHU mantra:

KETU mantra:




Note: We are providing this Shanti Pooja Vidhi as per authentic ancient Vedic and Puranik method in entire India and foreign countries also.

        We are performing this Shanti Pooja Vidhi or Nivaran Pooja Vidhi by our learned Vedic Brahmin under the guidance of our authentic and knowledgeable Astrologer, as per  accepted ancient belief of sages.


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