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शास्त्रों में कहा गया है कि “प्रत्यक्षं ज्योतिषं शास्त्रम्” अर्थात् सभी ज्ञान मे ज्योतिष-शास्त्र प्रत्यक्ष है, जैसे जीवन मार्गदर्शन आदि ...
बुद्धिमान ही ज्योतिष विद्या का लाभ ले सकता है.

Dr. Dipakbhai Jyotishacharya

(Authentic Astrologer and Vastu Consultant)

Ph.D.  in Astrology ( M.S. University )                                    
Jyotish Acharya ( M.S. University )                                    
Jyotish-Vaastu Shastri ( M.S. University )
Jyotish Visharad ( M.S. University )                            
Yajurvedagna ( Madhyandiniya-Sukla )                  
Jyotish Gyata (N.A.S.) 

Astrology is an ancient Vedic science and eye of Veda.  It is calculation based predictive science of planets and stars. You can understand   all about your good and bad periods. Also, understand obstacles in your fortune and critical problems will come in future and can take precautions and have remedies.  It is very ancient Vedic astrology from Vedas and more than 28,000 of years old for documented fact (See Bhartiya Jyotish Page No. 28). However, it has been born with VEDA.

                For the last 15 years ''PARASHAR JYOTISHALAYA''  is serving the individual, family, societies, NRIs, and different corporate as well as all segment of the people. More than 5,000 beneficiaries are directly associated with ‘‘PARASHAR JYOTISHALAYA’’ due to their personal betterment & fruitful experience.

           Dr. Deepakbhai Jyotishachayra holds prestigious Doctorate degree (Ph. D.) In Astrology from The M. S. University of Baroda, Vadodara.  Born in a traditional Pure Vedic & Religious Priest family. 

A Unique combination of the Traditional Pure Vedic customs and modern contemporary education system for perfection & social needs for human beings.

Core Objective: - To serve the human being to achieve personal and social harmony as per contemporary need of the society.

Core Strength: - Pure Vedic Knowledge & Experience, Empiric Modern Professional Team, Customized Solution to respective Stakeholders.  

Core areas of the Consulting Services are:-

1. All Vastu Analysis, Report with Remedy. i.e. Residential, Commercial, Factory, Plant, Hospital, Hotel etc.

2. Business development ( Existing and new Business  set up , small to large scale) profitability consultation.

3. Vedic Astrology & Vastu with Business Process Re-engineering (BPR) & Human Resource Factory/ Plant.

4. Lucky & Suitable Gemstone and Future guideline.

5. All Muhurt consultation. i.e. Vidyarambh, Marriage, Delivery, New home entrance, Vastu Pooja etc.

6. Prediction of the future and accurate guidance for the further recovery and improvement.

7. Medical astrology, Numerology , Palmistry, Face reading , Signature Analysis, etc.

8. Family issue and legal solutions, Education and career Guidance.

9. Janma Kundali (Horoscope) Report, Kundali-Milan (Match-Making ) Report for Marriage.

10. All Type of Remedial and Treditional Vedic Yagna, Pooja-Vidhi & Karmakand.

11. Family life & Planning, Unwanted stress in Married Life, divorce, extra marital affair, Love etc.

12. Consultation for Childless Couple, Childless issue`s analysis, report and effective solution.

13. All type of Vedic Graha Shanti, Kalsjarpa Yoga, Shrapit Yoga Vish Yoga, Grahan Yoga Pooja Vidhi etc.

14. All about Future prediction, authentic guideline and effective remedies.





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